Macaulay T. Eteli

Macaulay Eteli is a self-taught artist whose love for art was shaped by childhood games in his native country Nigeria. He started drawing on dirt, wooden slates, craft paperbags and any surface that was at his disposal. While growing up in Nembe, Bayelsa State, Nigeria, Macaulay also explored the use of clay dug up from the shoreline of the river in front of his residence. With the clay he fashioned ornaments and miniature sculptures.

While focusing on his secondary school curriculum, Macaulay Eteli remained active with his art by producing drawings and cartoons for his class and the school theater group. Upon graduation from high school in 1974, Eteli worked with the Rivers State Council for Arts and Culture as a Cultural Assistant (woodcarving). Outside of his daily employment, Eteli intensified is focus on fine art as he produced his first full portrait painting (48″ x 24″) and a concrete sculpture of an angel which were both commissioned works.

Eteli immigrated to Canada in 1978 where he studied for a Civil Engineering Technology diploma and a Bachelor degree in Education. However it wasn’t until 1993, after a seven year working period with “Construction Control Group” and “Ontario Hydro”, that he decided to pursue a full-time art career.

Captivating yet never overpowering, this is the aura that Eteli’s latest body of work conveys. His relaxed style beckons viewers
to — come closer and listen to a story. As you look his creation comes alive. His subtle style allows him to flow from traditional images to scenries to abstracts. This ability shows depth and maturity in Eteli’s exhibitions.

Eteli has been recognized in Heather Miller’s 2003 publication “THE VISUAL ARTS
The painting titled “Stage One” is featured on page 46 of the above publication.

In 1995 he won the first price award at The Shaw Festival Show of the Arts/crafts at Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, Canada.

Eteli was nominated for the “Outstanding Developing Artist” award at the inaugural “Our Image Visual Arts Award” held on 28th of April 2001 at The Design Exchange in Toronto, Canada

Other organizations that have also taken notice of his paintings include:

Arts Actualites Magazine, Clichy, France 2004

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Umoja Magazine (Cover page February 1996) Madison, Wisconsin U.S.A,

Dr. Achin Gottberg of Germany (author of the lexicon “VISUAL ARTIST OF AFRICA TO THE SOUTH OF THE SAHARA).

The Toronto Star – Toronto, Canada 1995

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Film Appearance 1999 – Six paintings featured as set props in
“Sweet Sixteen” directed by Jeff Byrd, and produced by Brandon Bates (NEW JACK CITY), featuring twin sisters Tia and Tamera Mowry and their little brother Taj.



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